Ok, You're Rich, Now What?

TLDR Summary

Being rich is work too, what would you do?

The Common Question

People get asked this when they are thinking about switching Work Boxes and are uncertain of what they want to do. It may or may not be useful, but it's fun to think about none the less.

Given endless riches what would you do today?

Shopping spree!

Awesome, what about by the end of the week?

Uhh, quit my job.

Great, by the end of the month?

Try every 5-star restaurant in town?

Yummy, and by the end of the year?

Buy a fancier house, car, and take whichever friends who can find a week off of work on an all expenses paid trip to a spa getaway in some beautiful country?

Excellent, I hope they appreciated it. Now what?

Uhh, this is harder than I thought. I'm going to check Instagram again and look at other people's beautiful yet ultimately false representation of their lives who I envy with every bone of my uncertain body.

If you're thinking this through for yourself you might be thinking, "buy more houses" or "start a charity" or "buy a plane and learn to fly it". And I'd say to you, "welcome back to the Work Box". All of those ideas are a form of work. To create or do anything well you're going to have to work, even if your magic lamp's genie granted you unlimited wealth.

Stick Genie

A Practical Exercise

If you're contemplating a new Work Box then take a few minutes right now and ponder this "money doesn't matter" question. It might lead to something, it might not, but it's worth a shot.

Eureka! You Found a Work Box!

If you finished this thought experiment with a strong and clear idea of what you'd like to do I think you owe it to yourself to dive a bit deeper. Research what it would take for you to get paid doing that thing. If there are paid jobs in your area of interest then there should be a pretty clear path to getting there. It might mean you'd have to go back to school or work an internship or self-study or volunteer for some non-insignificant amount of time but it should be possible.

I Want to do Something Impossible!

If your heart is telling you to play tennis professionally and you're 30 years old and never held a racket then I'm sorry to say your heart is being fanciful. That shouldn't stop you from picking tennis up as a hobby but probably best to stay a bit closer to reality when thinking about the Work Box.

What Next?

If you now have a mission in life, then great, put this article down and get started. There's no time like the present to take a step towards your new Work Box. Take an online course. Read a dozen books. Contact people in that field for informational interviews. Or you could start a blog like this one and start writing about a subject like you know what you're talking about... just like me. Whatever it is the important thing for you now is to start.

If this thought exercise has lead you nowhere, don't despair. Go for a run, sit and breathe, make a cup of tea, play with your kids, or do something for you. While this non-money issue is common it rarely leads to a newly found direction in life. Mostly it makes people wonder where their magic lamp is buried.

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